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  Monday, 18 December 2023
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I want to do 1:n associate using the EBML import, but the result I want is not produced.

What I want is a structure in which 'MCC group' has 'MCC unit' as a source as shown in the attached [pic1].

* * 'MCC group' >>> G
* * 'MCC unit' >>> U

Writing one G and one U as [Forward = true] yields a normal result that the U is the Source Association of G.
However, I wrote one G and multiple U's as [Forward = true], I got an error.

And I wrote one G and one U as [Forward = false], the U becomes the Target Association of G.
And I wrote one G and several U's as [Forward = false], I didn't get an error, but if I looked at the actual EB tree, only one U is associated.

How can I create it in the form I want?