Monday, 27 November 2023
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It's been a while, but I can't get an answer, so I'm posting again..

If I run EB manually in a typical way, the right-click menu that I set will be displayed normally.
However, when EB is executed through an external program, the user settings right-click menu settings are initialized.

I didn't have this problem in the 2022 version, but I got a problem after updating to the 2023(CU08) version.
I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how to solve this problem.

Additionally, bellow code was used when executing EB.:

System.Type type = System.Type.GetTypeFromProgID("AucEasylectric.AucApplication");
EBApp = (Aucotec.EngineeringBase.Interop.Application)System.Activator.CreateInstance(type);
TempProject = new EBObject.EB_TemplateProject();
EBLoginUser = EBApp.SystemInfo.UserName;