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  Friday, 15 September 2023
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Dear developers,

I have a question regarding the Advanced Typical Manager (ATM). The goal is to run the ATM after a project is created in EB. I currently know how to start the ATM via RunMacroOrPlugIn().

_myApplication.Utils.RunMacroOrPlugIn("Typical Manager.Typical Manager", project);

However, in the context of our wizard, it is not possible to perform a user interaction. The goal is that the ATM should be executed with given parameters without the need of a GUI. In the context of SmartPDF creation I know the following calls. However, I cannot find any parameter list or similar documentation which point me to all the possible parameters.

AutomationParameterCollection automationParamsCollection = this._myApplication.Automation.Parameters;

automationParamsCollection.Add(project as ObjectItem);

// call ATM
this._myApplication.Automation.Run("Typical Manager.Typical Manager.Run");

Your support directed me to this forum. The question is relatively urgent to support our customer in the best possible way.

Thank you very much for your help and all the best,