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  Wednesday, 05 April 2023
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If I want to replace drawings in bulk with the help of new assistent according to its category (ex: Betriebsmittelplan for Betriebsmittelplan_new etc.), how do I do it? ( !!! I know there is a Assistent in EB that does this function for single drawing)
My initial logic had two seperate strategies in mind:
a) in chosen directory make a loop for every type of drawing to replace with the new ones that has key word "NEW"
b) make window form of VBA where in "/Templates" directory templates to be replaced are chosen, and somehow to link that to code

I have to say I am not new to VBA or C#, however I have a problem for example accessing certain already existing assistents through code (such as "Formblatt ersetzen";).

If anybody has any ideas or hints to solve this problem would be very helpful, thanks beforehand!