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  Tuesday, 14 March 2023
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Background: I want to influence the gapping behaviour of crossing lines based on their z position. -> If a small line meets a big line, the small line needs to jump.

I'm trying to use the shape's "DisplayLevel" to group connectors in the z order based on the line style used (or alternatively based on the line weight). To get closer to my target, I want to put a formula for the DisplayLevel into the default connector. In regular Visio this works perfectly. In the simplest case, I type "1" into the DisplayLevel of the "Dynamic Connector" in the DocumentStencil. If I draw a new connector, it will directly show a DisplayLevel of "1".

In EB, even if I set the DisplayLevel of all shapes in the DocumentStencil to "1": A new connector still has a DisplayLevel of "0".

The sheets I'm working on are P&IDs.

What am I doing wrong?