1. Lei Tang
  2. WEB Service
  3. Tuesday, 16 August 2022
Hello all,

I try to use web service to create a new object in EB2022 ,but not success.I've already checked the sample code also not success, the code is below:

public bool CreateNewObject(string DBName, string parentID, int CID, int typeID)
UpdateObjectDataRequest request = new UpdateObjectDataRequest();
IList<UpdateObjectItem> items = new List<UpdateObjectItem>();
UpdateObjectItem newItem = new UpdateObjectItem();
newItem.CoverId = CID;
newItem.TypeId = typeID;
newItem.ParentId = parentID;
newItem.UpdateMode = ObjectUpdateMode.New;
request.UpdateData = items;
UpdateObjectDataResponse res = _proxy.UpdateObjectData(DBName, request);
return true;
catch (Exception ex)
return false;

but the Error is :
[0] = Message="CID 113 is not allowed under object"; ErrorCode=-2147209611; ObjectId="00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000C51CE"
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