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  Thursday, 12 May 2022
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i have created a formula Attribute with this formula:

{A102484;{="10 BA B1"="10 CA B1"="16 CA B1"="40 CA B1"="63 CA B1"="25 CC C1"="10 HA B1"="10 HC B1"="10 HD B1"="10 HF B1"="10 HF B2"="10 HF B3"="10 HF C1"="10 HK B1"="100 HF C1"="160 XT C1"="10 XA A1"="100 HH C2"="100 NC C1"="100 CC B1"="10 XB A1" "1";}{:"" "0";}};

The Attribute itself has acceptes this simple "if-formula". The Shape that decides the Pipe-Connection because of the result of this formula. this is also working, but when i set this shape, EB gives the message (attached), that this formula is not alloud.

Is there any limitaion of cases for the If? There is no Error Message for a same formula with less cases. How many couses are alloud in an If-formula?