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  1. Uwe Steden
  2. VBA Development
  3. Friday, 06 May 2022

we are currently testing the EB version 2022R1. Our old version is 2019R1.
We use a VBA macro to automatically control the "Smart PDF" assistant, which was still controlled via the FrameWork license in version 2019R1.
The FrameWork license has been integrated into EB 2022R1.
The "Smart PDF" assistant was also upgraded from version 3.10.3 to version 4.1.59.
However, the self-written VBA macro no longer runs without errors in EB 2022R1 with the SmartPDF Assistant 4.1.59.

Now my question:
have the parameters for controlling the Smart PDF assistant changed compared to version 3.10.3 (or 3.13.2)?

We also have other macros (e.g. parts of the QS tool) that are called up automatically via the FrameWork license. These also no longer run error-free.

Is there anything to consider regarding the integrated FrameWork license in EB 2022 for the previous version?

Thanks and regards
Uwe Steden