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  Monday, 04 April 2022
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When testing EB2022 (7.1.0) Build (1269), there is a problem with the database query with existing VBA macros from EB 2019R2.
Here it is no longer possible to write attribute values from VBA back to the EB-DB.
The VBA runs here in a debug as soon as you want to address the EB-DB or application via the source code.

oEB.Visible = True

… (declaration of oEB: Dim oEB as New Aucotec.Application)

set colDrawings = ActiveProject.DrawingFolder.FindObjectsaucObjDrawing, aucSearchHierarchical, ,aucAttrDesignation, aucCondEqual, sIdent)

Has anything changed here from the previous version?
In the attached screenshot you can see the debug and the associated source code.
The source code is part of a larger macro. In this snippet, a newly calculated weight is written back to the drawing in EB.
In the EB version 2019R2, the macro worked without errors.

Fehler VBA_EB.jpg