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  Wednesday, 29 September 2021
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Hi together,


ObjectCollection all_sheets = oi.Project.DrawingsFolder.FindObjects(ObjectKind.Sheet, SearchBehavior.Hierarchical);

i collect all sheets of my project.

I have another collection which contains sheets which should not be in the output PDF. Let's assume, the collecion is named "skipped"
Now I transfer all used sheet in a new collection:

List<ObjectItem> items = new List<ObjectItem>();
foreach (ObjectItem i in all_sheets)
if (skipped.Contains(i)) continue;

using that collection for smartpdf

mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(dir); // 0: Pdf output path.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add((object)startobject); // 1: Start Object Item.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(false); // 2: Show or Hide Assistant Window.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(false); // 3: Exports only with Documents Navigation.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(false); // 4: Export for Graphical Revision.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(false); // 5: Show Options button in Main Window.
mApp.Automation.Parameters.Add(items); // 6: Collection of Sheets to export.

the last statement adding the sheets throw the following Exception:

System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: "Der Typ "Aucotec.EngineeringBase.Client.Runtime.ObjectItem" in Assembly "Aucotec.EngineeringBase.Client.Runtime.v1.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6d4e536fc230a61a" ist nicht als serialisierbar gekennzeichnet."

The exception does not occure, if I add the original ObjectCollection all_sheets.

Can somebody help ?

Thanks in advance,