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  1. Michele Sella
  2. VBA Development
  3. Thursday, 01 July 2021
Hi all,
we updated from Visio 2010 to Visio 2016. In the old version, to obtain the line width that my boss liked in paper prints and pdf print, we set shapes line width to "0,00001mm". With Visio 2016 this is not recognized and all lines are not visible till i manually change the line width (for example to 0pt that now is working properly).

So here's the question: now i have to change all my shapes (more than 10.000). I'd like to open each stencil and modify it with macros (VBA or cb.net or c#). Any suggested code to open a stencil from stencil folder and interact with the visio istance the same way that you can do with sheet.open function?

As you can understand this is a big issue for us and it is critical.