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  Monday, 10 May 2021
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I combine several ExecuteSheetOperationModes.OpExecSheetDelAssocSym and ExecuteSheetOperationModes.OpExecSheetAssocSym sheet operations on the same sheet into one list and execute it with the one sheet.ExecuteSheetOperation call. After that operation the sheet is closed via API. If i open the such modified sheet interactively, symbols are properly associated but there is no text in any of theirs text block shown. I have to press F5 to display all missing text of those symbols.

The problem only appears if Visio window is visible during sheet operations (that means when sheet is opened before sheet operations via sheet.ExecuteSheetOperation(SheetOpenBehavior.AutoSave | SheetOpenBehavior.Visio). If I open sheet with sheet.ExecuteSheetOperation(SheetOpenBehavior.AutoSave) before executing sheet operations all text is properly displayed no F5 operation is needed.

Is this expected behaviour? Is it possible to initiate such "F5" operation with some sheet operation to assure that all text are displayed also in case that Visio window is visible during sheet operations?