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  Monday, 08 February 2021
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When exporting Visio Sheets using the C# Export function:

Sheet selectItem = (Sheet)oSheet;
selectItem.Export(filePath, ExportSheetType.Pdf);

the kerning on all text ranges are displaying problems..

Attached are only a little sample of the problem (can be worse and better than this). The font is Arial.

To problem is also reproduceable in our Visio version: open drawing in Visio, select "File", "Save As" or Export in Visio, choose pdf and save. Open the saved pdf and Zoom in on any text with more than 2 characters (lengthier text makes it more visible) and the kerning will (often) be visibly different.

Is the EB export internally using Visio's export function?

EB version:
2020 R2 (6.9.1)
Build (130)

Visio version:
Plan 2 MSO (16.0.12527.21378) 32-bit

Is there any way to fix this problem, is it a known issue?