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  Saturday, 31 October 2020
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Hello Team,

Our requirement is to export drawing sheets from EBase to Local directory (in any format)
Kindly go through the following points and let us know the best solution for this problem.

1) Will it improve the performance while exporting the drawing sheets from E-Base using VBA code compared to C# code. In that case, could you please share the VBA code? FYI, with C# code, it takes around 1 min for exporting 1 drawing sheet from EBase.

2) Can we get the sheet information from the EBase SQL DB directly without going to EBase Console?

3) Is it possible to get EBase drawing entity structure/drawing schema structure/data structure/API used for export, before writing in Visio?

4) If we use the AdvancedExport option of Sheet.AdvancedExport API, will it improve the performance of exporting the drawing sheets. We tried already but its NOT giving any error and also NOT exporting the drawing sheet?