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  1. Uwe Steden
  2. VBA Development
  3. Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Hello everyone,

I would like to create a PDF file from a circuit diagram.
The PDF should be a file that contains all the sheets of the circuit diagram and reports.
The PDF output should be identical to a file that was created using the "SmartPDF" macro. There should be navigable cross-references as well as a functional representation of the EB tree.
Although I have the possibility to control the external macro "SmartPDF", the circuit diagram only has to be explicitly selected under the "Advanced" settings (or all other checkboxes deselected).
Likewise, the created PDF is named after the project and not after the drawing.
Our circuit diagrams are basically divided into 4 drawings that are under a folder. The 4 drawings contain the entire circuit diagram.

Is there a possibility to generate a PDF according to our specifications or to control the checkboxes for the output of the "SmartPDF" automatically.

Uwe Steden