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  1. Philipp Müller-Funke
  2. C# Development
  3. Wednesday, 02 September 2020

I am facing a issue with the runtime of Engineering Base. If I open a worksheet on a folder with the application itself I get the results that I want. But if I open the same worksheet on the same folder by code, the result is empty.

When the selected object is for example a unit, it works by code. But not on the folder. Please check the code below

using (Worksheet ws = sel.OpenWorksheet("sie01_Transfer2SAP")) // “sel” ist in dem Fall das selektierte Objekt auf dem gestartet wurde. Also z.B ein Ordner. Das Ergebnis „ws“ ist in dem Falle. aber leer. Beim Start des Worksheets über die EB Oberfläche ist es nicht leer.
dtSortedWS = null;

wait.UpdateDialog(i, "Preparing equiptment " + sel.Name + " for exporting to CSV file");
dtSortedWS = new Sort(ws).SortAndTranslateWS(projectCode);

if (dtSortedWS != null)
dtSortedSelection.Merge(dtSortedWS, false);

wait.UpdateDialog(i, "Export finished!");

Is there a bug known or did I a mistake? This issue is really urgent for us.